Identifying and addressing challenges to implementation of Article 4 of Protocol V to the CCW: Expert meeting

07-01-2014 Publication

The Expert Meeting on Identifying and Addressing Challenges to Implementation of Article 4 of Protocol V to the CCW was held in Geneva, Switzerland from 8-9 November 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to examine strategies for implementing Article 4 through informal discussions with experts.

Participants included technical experts, specialists in international humanitarian law, government officials, military personnel, representatives of agencies clearing explosive remnants or war and specialist non-governmental organizations. The experts attended in their personal capacities.

The discussion was organized around three main subjects:

  • recording and retaining information
  • transmission of information
  • compliance, including the issuing of appropriate instructions and operating procedures, and the incorporation of the requirements of Article 4 into military education, training and exercises.

Each session began with presentations by experts, which were followed by an informal discussion among the participants. Presentations and discussions have been summarized here by the ICRC. Discussions during the meeting were held under the Chatham House Rule – that is, comments would not be attributed to specific individuals. However, those participants who made formal presentations to the meeting are identified.

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