Guidelines for Cash Transfer Programming

10-09-2007 PublicationRef. guidelines-cash-transfer-programming

The guidelines are aimed at people with an existing understanding and experience of all elements of humanitarian assistance programming. This includes programme managers, disaster managers, desk officers, food security, economic security and livelihood experts. The guidelines are designed to be used by all components of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, whether operating domestically or internationally, whether based in headquarters, in the field or in a branch office.


The need to develop cash guidelines for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement was identified at a seminar hosted by the International Federation’s secretariat in May 2006. The International Federation’s Disaster Preparedness and Relief Commission endorsed the outcomes of the seminar in 2006, in particular the need to normalize the use of cash in multi-sectoral integrated programming, planning and disaster preparedness, and to help build capacity on how to start cash programmes. Building on the broad range of cash experiences within the Movement and in the humanitarian sector, these guidelines provide practical, step-by-step support to the design and implementation of cash programmes.

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International Federation and ICRC, Geneva, 2007, 127 pp., English / ref. 109000