2013 Council of delegates outcomes

18-11-2013 Resolution

Council of Delegates 2013, 17-18 November 2013, Sydney, Australia

Please find below the outcomes of the 2013 Council of Delegates, which was held in Sydney (17-18 November 2013). This includes the adopted resolutions and the executive summaries and outcomes of the workshops, as well as the bulletin posts and the statement given by the chairman at the closing ceremony. Resolutions and workshop-related documents are shown in the order they appeared on the Council of Delegates agenda.

1. Bulletin posts (videos and written)

Daily bulletin 1

Daily bulletin 2

2. Chairman’s statement

Celebrating 150 years of humanitarian action

3. Adopted agenda

Annotated agenda of the 2013 Council of Delegates  (CD/13/3.1)

4. Resolutions

Resolution 1 - Working towards the elimination of nuclear weapons (CD/13/R1)

Resolution 2 - New strategy for the Movement (CD/13/R2)

Resolution 3 - Resolution on the Strategy for the Movement “Movement Fora” (CD/13/R3)

Resolution 4 - Strengthening Movement coordination and cooperation (CD/13/R4)

Resolution 5 - Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement on Operational Arrangements, dated 28 november 2005, between the Palestine Red Crescent Society and the Magen David Adom in Israel (CD/13/R5)

Resolution 6 - Resolution on the International Branding Initiative (CD/13/R6)

Resolution 7 - Weapons and International Humanitarian Law (CD/13/R7)

Resolution 8 - Strengthening legal protection for victims of armed conflicts:  implementation of Resolution 1 of the 31st International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (CD/13/DR8)

Resolution 9 - On people with disabilities (CD/13/R9)


5. Workshops

5.1 Workshop executive summaries (as delivered by Geoffrey Korir, IFRC Youth Commission member )

5.2 Workshop reports

WS1   Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

WS2 Humanitarian Education Platform (HEP)

WS3 Health Care in Danger:  Health-care workers, volunteers and communities at risk

WS4 Safer access and the protection of staff and volunteers

WS5 Promoting disability inclusion in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement    

WS6 Promoting and Enhancing the Red Response: Working with External Actors  

WS7 Addressing the humanitarian impact of “external shocks” on vulnerable migrants, host populations and National Societies

WS8 Making the most of the International Conference: Outcomes of the 31st International Conference (2011) and preparations for the 32nd International Conference (2015) 

WS9 Movement responses to sexual and gender-based violence in armed conflict and disasters

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