The ICRC’s priorities for 2013


The ICRC is asking for 1.17 billion Swiss francs to cover its operations in 2013. This money will enable us to maintain a wide range of activities in response to a wide range of needs, while taking the difficult security environment into account.



Operations director Pierre Krähenbühl talks about some of our objectives for 2013


"In Afghanistan, we will continue to focus on medical activities to deal with the many health related needs across the country."

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"The main concerns in Central African Republic are population displacement and separation of families."




"Iraq is a country that has disappeared somewhat from the centre of public attention but where needs remain very significant. The ICRC will continue to carry out visits to persons detained and help some of the more affected and vulnerable populations."

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"The ICRC will focus particularly on assisting displaced people in Somalia, providing them with food, seed and tools to enable them to resume a semblance of a normal life as quickly as possible." 

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The Syrian conflict has generated a catastrophic level of needs for the population affected by death, injury, displacement, detention, separation and the general anxiety of day-to-day insecurity."





Other key operations: