Upcoming themes of the Review


Future themes of the Review: 2015/2016

The Review is currently processing 2014/ 2015 content on the following topics:

  • “Sexual violence in armed conflict”
  • “Generating respect for the law”
  • “Principles guiding humanitarian action”
  • “The human cost of nuclear weapons”

The call for papers for these issues is therefore closed.
Within the parameters of the journal’s aim, topics may be examined, for instance from a historical, legal, political, military-security, sociological or humanitarian perspective, taking either a general or a regional approach. For more information about how to submit an article to the journal, please see also our Guidelines for authors

Call for Papers

A century of war: the evolution of warfare since WWI

Submissions deadline: 31 July 2015

Possible topics to be explored include:

  • Trends in the evolution of conflicts since World War I
  • The challenges to IHL posed by the constant evolution of conflicts /means of warfare
  • How have humanitarian actors adapted their response to conflicts & crises since World War I ?
  • The notions of death and killing in war (deaths of combatants; civilian deaths)