Facts and figures: The ICRC in Guinea

04-07-2014 Facts and Figures

Key Points

In 2013, the ICRC:

  • visited over 3,500 detainees and provided 2,235 detainees with extra food during 204 visits;
  • restored contact between 275 detainees and their families by transferring 290 Red Cross messages and setting up 189 phone calls;
  • made regular deliveries of medicines and medical consumables to 30 places of detention, making it possible to conduct over 15,700 consultations;
  • ran a university war surgery module for 43 doctors who were undergoing specialization training;
  • trained 6 doctors and 30 nurses in emergency care for wounded persons;
  • ran 4 exercises during which staff practiced executing the hospital emergency plans drawn up with technical support from the ICRC;
  • gave almost 85,000 people better access to water by building 12 new wells and repairing 20 others;
  • held briefings on IHL and human rights for 985 gendarmes and police officers, plus 800 students from 8 universities;
  • supported the Red Cross Society of Guinea as they helped 590 victims of socio-political and intercommunal violence.

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