Facts and figures

19-08-2013 Facts and Figures

Key Points

In 2013, the ICRC:

  • visited more than 1,500 detainees during 51 visits to 23 places of detention;
  • repaired and upgraded the water-distribution and sanitation systems in 4 prisons: Nouakchott, Rosso, Aleg and Nouadhibou;
  • renovated and expanded the Bassikounou health centre so that it can now accommodate 67 patients;
  • launched a project to repair the water-supply system in Bassikounou (population: 15,000);
  • gave 74 army, navy and air-force officers talks on international humanitarian law in the course of 3 events at training and operational units;
  • held seven talks for a total of 201 army and police personnel to raise awareness about international human rights law.