Facts and figures

28-03-2014 Facts and Figures

Key Points

Dakar regional delegation: Facts and figures, 2013


Casamance (Senegal)

In 2013 the ICRC:

  • supported 5 health facilities, bringing primary health care to 19,000 people;
  • facilitated access to drinking water for over 2,300 people and helped rebuild 105 houses for 1,000 people who had returned to their home villages;
  • gave seed, farming supplies and 180 head of livestock to 150 returnee families;
  • treated 45,000 head of livestock;
  • visited 6 places of detention, meeting 745 detainees (including 12 persons held by the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance) and enabled 100 of them to exchange news with their families.


In Guinea Bissau

In 2013 the ICRC:

  • supported 3 health centres in the north, enabling 25,000 people to obtain treatment and attend preventive consultations;
  • renovated the Sao Domingos health centre and supported the Bissau physical rehabilitation centre;
  • facilitated access to drinking water for over 1,500 people;
  • visited 9 people held in a military prison following the events of 21 October 2012.