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04-08-2014 Facts and Figures

Key Points

  • The ICRC has been providing medical supplies for more than 25 health facilities in the Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions since April 2014
  • The Ukrainian Red Cross Society has distributed food, hygiene kits, household essentials, clothing and other items to more than 10,000 displaced persons, and the ICRC and the Ukrainian Red Cross are planning to step up aid to people in Kharkiv and Mariupol.
  • Following the Malaysia Airlines crash on 17 July, the ICRC distributed body bags and other supplies and equipment for managing dead bodies, and offered its forensic advice to ensure that proper standards were followed.
  • As at 19 July, 33,000 people displaced from Ukraine were registered with the Federal Migration Service in the Rostov region. The ICRC has provided technical support and a vehicle for the local Russian Red Cross branch, which has begun distributing 120 tonnes of food to displaced persons staying with families in the region. The aid was paid for by donations made to the branch.
  • On 26 July, the ICRC helped repatriate three seriously injured Ukrainian soldiers by arranging for their transport from a hospital near Rostov, where they were in intensive care, to an aircraft that took them back to Ukraine. The repatriation was organized by the Ukrainian authorities.

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