2014 international humanitarian law competition in Israel

As part of its effort to promote awareness and understanding of international humanitarian law (IHL), the ICRC delegation in Israel and the occupied territories works with academic institutions to promote the study of this area of the law. The aim is to motivate and provide tools to a new generation of students, who will go on to assume positions of influence in society.
Each year, the national IHL competition for Israel involves a series of fictional scenarios which the participants must analyse and for which they must develop practical, concrete solutions using IHL, as would do military commanders, legal advisers to government, or foot soldiers in real time.

Between 17-20 November 2014, the eighth national competition in IHL took place in Kibbutz Tzuba. Four academic institutions participated in the event: Tel Aviv University, Haifa University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Sha'arei Mishpat College. Over four days, the teams actively participated in this competition, organized with the assistance of ALMA - the Association for the Promotion of IHL in Israel. The team from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem won the competition this year. The students, judges and organizers talk about their perspective in this video.