Learning and teaching IHL

The ICRC supports the teaching of humanitarian law and principles, promoting respect for the life and dignity of people affected by conflict. We emphasize IHL teaching at leading universities to reach tomorrow's decision-makers and opinion-leaders.

The winners of the 2019 edition of the Zimbabwe National IHL Moot Court Competition organized by the ICRC and the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ).

Frequently asked questions

  • While not sufficient in itself, knowledge of IHL is a prerequisite to compliance in and beyond armed conflict. Supporting the teaching of IHL in leading universities is therefore an integral part of the ICRC’s mandate.

  • As per the Geneva Conventions, IHL must be disseminated by incorporating it into instruction and training programmes for military personnel and civilians. In terms of education for civilians, we believe leading universities provide an avenue for training future decision-makers, who will be able to support their government in ensuring compliance with and respect for IHL.

  • Because of its close links with armed conflict, we believe IHL must be taught based on current practice. This approach aims to keep IHL as relevant as possible to protect those who are not or are no longer taking a direct part in hostilities. This is also why we offer interactive, digital tools and resources emphasizing concrete case studies to train key players and so increase compliance with and respect for IHL

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