Ready-to-use workshops

05 February 2020
Ready-to-use workshops
ICRC Humanitarium, Geneva. Group work on case studies during a workshop on sexual violence in armed conflict organized for students from the Washington College of Law, Academy of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, 2014. © ICRC\T. Gassmann

How can universities present the humanitarian challenges of today in their courses on international law and relations, political science and humanitarian work? How can lecturers engage students in the classroom around the serious humanitarian issues, while covering sensitive topics appropriately? This series has been designed to answer those questions.

Created by the ICRC to support the teaching of international humanitarian law, it provides short, thematic workshops that focus on acute humanitarian issues in contemporary armed conflicts. It can be adapted for use in any course and combines different methodologies and tools, including videos, brainstorming exercises, quizzes, roleplays, presentations, group work and case studies.

Currently, our ready-to-use workshops series includes:

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