IHL resources for media professionals

02 November 2017

By knowing and referencing IHL, journalists not only enhance their reporting and foster better safety for themselves on the ground, but they also promote a better understanding of armed conflict situations, humanitarian crises, and the work done by the ICRC and other humanitarian organizations.


IHL Glossary

  • IHL glossary: lists all of the key terms used when discussing international humanitarian law and how it impacts media professionals.






Handout 1 - Main branches of law relevant for situations of violence

Handout 2 - The main sources of international humanitarian law

Handout 3 - Characteristics of armed conflicts and other situations of violence

Handout 4 - Reporting on armed conflicts and other situations of violence - the law

Handout 5 - Reporting on armed conflicts who is protected by law

Handout 6 - Reporting on armed conflicts: IHL rules on the conduct of hostilities

Handout 7 - How does ihl protect journalists

Handout 8 - How does ihl protect detained journalists

Handout 9 - Hotline for journalists

Handout 10 - Key elements of international crimes

Handout 11 - Responsabilities for international crimes

Handout 12 - International crimes: Judicial and non judicial methods

Glossary - IHL for media professionals