Afghanistan: Keeping the spotlight on humanitarian concerns

ICRC operations continued apace throughout the first quarter of 2016, despite an upsurge in the fighting, torrential rain and earthquakes.

Often working with Afghan Red Crescent staff and volunteers, our teams brought assistance to displaced families and collected dead bodies from the battlefield for a dignified return to their families. We also visited detainees, provided drugs and medical supplies to health facilities, treated people with disabilities, renovated hospital and prison instratructure and helped bring safe water to tens of thousands of urban and rural dwellers.

Highlights of our work in Afghanistan between January and March 2016

38 visits took place in 25 prisons
  300 bodies were returned to the families of the deceased
564 war-wounded patients were transported to health facilities
47 Afghan Red Crescent health facilities received support
33,303 patients with disabilities received care at 7 ICRC physical rehabilitation centres
44,400 internally displaced persons received food and emergency household items
90,000 people gained access to clean water thanks to repairs to pumps and wells
Children fill their jerrycans at a pump repaired by the ICRC.
Surkhrud district, Jalalabad province, Afghanistan. Children fill their jerrycans at a pump repaired by the ICRC. CC BY-NC-ND / ICRC / Jessica Barry


For more information, read the full update on our work in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Facts and figures, January-March 2016

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