Armenia/Azerbaijan: ICRC urges that the rules of international humanitarian law be respected

Armenia/Azerbaijan: ICRC urges that the rules of international humanitarian law be respected

Geneva (ICRC) - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is worried about the upsurge of military activity along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and its humanitarian consequences since 13 September 2022. This activity is affecting the lives and safety of people residing in border areas and blocking their access to essential services and infrastructure.
News release 13 September 2022 Armenia Azerbaijan

"While conducting military operations, all feasible precautionary measures must always be taken to ensure that the rules of international humanitarian law are respected. This is an obligation of the concerned parties," said Martin Schüepp, the ICRC's director of operations. "We reiterate our commitment to assist those affected by this escalation of hostilities. We are also ready to act as a neutral intermediary, such as by visiting any captured persons, facilitating their return upon agreement and request of the parties, and supporting in the search and retrieval of those killed in action."

The ICRC reminds the armed forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan that they must distinguish between civilians and combatants at all times. In the conduct of military operations, constant care must be taken to spare the civilian population, civilians and civilian objects. Medical personnel and medical facilities exclusively assigned to medical duties must be respected and protected in all circumstances. The ICRC also assesses the humanitarian situation on the ground in order to quickly respond to the urgent needs of people affected by hostilities.


Note to Editors:
Since 1992, the ICRC has been present in the region in connection with the conflict. Through its delegations in Armenia and Azerbaijan, the ICRC supports communities living along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. In addition, the ICRC works to clarify the fate of missing persons and help their families, visits detainees and acts as a neutral intermediary between the sides when requested to facilitate transfer and repatriation of released persons.
We collaborate closely with the Armenian Red Cross and the Azerbaijani Red Crescent, coordinating activities aimed at assisting people affected by the conflict across the region.


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