Australia: Working to end violence against health care

27 March 2018

Attacks against health-care workers, hospitals and ambulances disrupt health-care services and deprive people of life-saving treatment.

In 2011, the ICRC and Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies created the Health Care in Danger (HCiD) project, a global initiative to end violence against health care. Almost seven years since the formation of HCiD, in 2018 we continue to witness health-care facilities, health-care workers and patients being attacked in countries affected by conflict and other situations of violence.  

The ICRC Australia Mission recently sat down with Giovanni Trambaiolo, the outgoing Head of HCiD, to discuss the hidden costs of violence against health care, as well as the ways in which the ICRC and Red Cross Red Crescent Movement continue to work to protect it.