Beating club foot, one baby step at a time

  • Dr. Muhammad Khan
    Dr. Muhammad Khan
    The aim of the treatment is very clear – to help children with club feet gain complete mobility. But the parents play a huge role in making this a success. They have to ensure that they follow instructions and understand the exercises properly. At the clinic, we do our bit of working towards a cure. Together, we work as a team to make the child’s future healthier and happier.
  • Ajwa
    Ajwa took her first steps a few days ago and I cannot describe how precious those moments were. I had never imagined this possibility, especially after she received improper treatment at another hospital earlier. I am glad I found out about the treatment at Lady Reading Hospital. We need to tell more people that club foot is a treatable condition.
  • Madeeha
    The treatment requires 100% commitment. Madeeha is supposed to wear deformity-correcting Dennis Brown shoes, which we take off every two hours and exercise her feet. She is just a baby and gets a little agitated sometimes but we try to keep her calm. She has gone through a minor surgery and seven sessions of plaster renewal and we can see her feet change shape. We are waiting for the day she takes her first steps.
  • Nadia
    While most cases are simple, some can turn complicated, like that of little Nadia. We had to stop her treatment after four serial castings because she developed anaemia. Usually, if the treatment is stopped during the curative phase, the feet return to the original state where they’re turned inwards. But luckily for her, when we restarted her treatment, she showed signs of recovery. We’re hoping for a complete cure.
  • Abdul Khalid
    Abdul Khalid
    When we discovered that our son was club-footed, we were overcome with dismay. Fortunately for us, the orthopaedic surgeon we first visited referred us to the ICRC-supported club foot clinic at Lady Reading Hospital. While the treatment is promising, what really gives us hope is the support and kindness of Dr. Ubaidullah and Dr. Najma. They have helped us imagine a future where our dear son is able to walk and run about freely. It’s amazing to see that dream unfold with each passing day.
09 October 2018

An early step in the right direction can make all the difference when it comes to combating the deformity of club foot. A congenital anomaly that affects thousands of children worldwide, club foot is something that doesn't have to result in a lifelong condition. If treated early, it can be completely cured. In Pakistan, close to 7,000 cases of children with club feet are reported each year. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) supports the Club Foot Clinic at Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, which provides free treatment to children affected by this deformity.

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