The Brazillian Red Cross donates PPE items to protect Fortaleza's municipal guard. Photo: Photo: André Benício/ASCOM BRC

Brazil: The Red Cross donates 840 PPE items to protect Fortaleza's municipal guard

In order to provide additional protection during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Brazilian Red Cross (BRC), in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), donated 840 pieces of personal protective equipment to municipal guards in Fortaleza. These items included 216 triple-ply masks and 624 liters of alcohol gel
Article 06 October 2021 Brazil

According to Júlio Cals, the president of BRC, the initiative seeks to provide added security to those professionals who work in close contact with the public each day. "Even with recent improved control over coronavirus cases, we should not overlook the promotion of protective measures, and the Red Cross has been providing support in several areas in this endeavor."

"One of these projects is the Covid-19 Vaccination Bus, a partnership with Mercedes-Benz, which has been traveling through various states across Brazil. The goal is to reach 400 people a day, demonstrating our commitment to helping the population during these difficult times of the pandemic," the manager continued.

According to Luiz Eduardo Soares de Holanda, the secretary of Sesec, the partnership with the Red Cross is a source of great pride for any institution because it is an organization that is recognized throughout the world for it humanitarian aid. "This partnership will allow for further projects and more programs to be developed, all with the goal of assisting the population through these solid relationships."

840 pieces of PPE were donated to municipal guards, who had accompanied healthcare workers during vaccinations, and who are linked to the Municipal Secretariat for Citizen Security (Sesec) in Fortaleza. Photo: André Benício/ASCOM BRC

The chief of the ICRC office in Fortaleza, Eliott Wood, also emphasized that, although the Brazilian Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross perform different types of work, they both saw the initiative as a chance to strengthen the support provided by the principles from each entity. "Along with the National Red Cross Societies and the International Federation, we constitute the largest humanitarian network in the world. Our mandates and missions are different, but ultimately, we are working together to deliver protection and assistance to those who need it most. With cooperation and partnerships, we can do more and go further."

Additionally, at the meeting when the kits were delivered, the president of the Red Cross branch in the state, Allan Damasceno, noted that the organization recognizes the importance of working as a team, and the municipal guard is a "potential partner for this and other operations that focus on humanitarian wellbeing."

The partnership between the ICRC and the BRC reinforces the support provided by the principles of the entities. Photo: André Benício/ASCOM BRC