Philippines: Fulfilling our humanitarian mission in 2022

Philippines: Fulfilling our humanitarian mission in 2022

As the world eased into the new normal in 2022, we carried out more humanitarian activities in the Philippines to support those in need of aid.
Article 07 March 2023 Philippines

Long-running armed conflicts in the Philippines leave a heavy toll on communities that are already facing high levels of poverty. While clashes are sporadic, they nevertheless burden families whose livelihoods are disrupted. Humanitarian concerns around the protection of civilians and respect for international humanitarian law (IHL) by parties to the armed conflict also remain. Meanwhile, those who are looking for loved ones who disappeared in the 2017 Marawi conflict still hope to get answers.

The ICRC is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of people affected by armed conflict and to provide them with assistance.

For the full details of our 2022 humanitarian work, download our infographic:

28,250 residents
of Marawi City, Lanao del Sur benefited from the replacement of a 2-kilometer water pipeline and the upgrading of three pumping stations of the Marawi City Water District
60,000 PDLs
in 27 detention facilities benefited from improved living conditions and healthcare services through 15 ICRC-led or supported projects.
1,000,000 calls
made by PDLs to their families and lawyers using 338 ICRC-donated equipment and internet service in 140 detention facilities
2,323 people
received cash grants to cover their basic needs, start, or maintain a business
1,700 families
that were displaced in Cotabato and Zamboanga received healthcare support and medicines through the local government unit
222 relatives of missing persons
from the Marawi conflict received psychosocial support while 76 families of missing persons were provided with economic assistance
301 persons with disabilities
received direct physical rehabilitation support
13 PRC chapters
in Mindanao received assistance in their COVID-19 vaccination support for local government units, through operations of Bakuna Centers, deployment of Bakuna Teams or through the Bakuna Bus