In the Philippines, the ICRC works in areas suffering from the consequences of long-running armed conflicts and situations of violence.

ICRC members on a motorbike distributing essentials

Our work in the Philippines

The ICRC has been working in the Philippines since the Second World War, with a permanent presence established in 1982. Working often in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, we strive to protect the life and dignity of people affected by the protracted armed conflicts in the country.

We promote awareness of and respect for international humanitarian law (IHL) by reminding all parties to the conflict of their obligations under these rules. We work with the authorities to integrate IHL into domestic law and into military systems and processes in order to enhance their compliance with international legal standards.

We also help the authorities ensure that people deprived of their liberty are provided with humane treatment and detention conditions. We support their efforts so that detainees are able to maintain contact with their families through visits or the exchange of messages.

Manila City Jail. Overcrowded cells are favorable to the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis and COVID-19.

The impact of our work - In 2022


Presidents of Marawi City, in Lanao del Sur province, benefited from the replacement of a two-kilometre water pipeline and the upgrading of three pumping stations in the Marawi City Water District


people received cash grants to cover their basic needs or to start or maintain a business


detainees benefited from improved living conditions and health-care services through 15 ICRC-led or ICRC-supported projects

Stories from the people we serve and our staff

I always fear displacement. I wish everyone who has been displaced can find stability, provide for their families and live with dignity. If we pray wholeheartedly and our deeds are good, we will get through it.

Parida An internally displaced person and beneficiary of the ICRC’s microeconomic initiative programme

I was in disbelief when I first heard that I'd be given a new leg. It felt like a dream. But after arriving at the DJF, the reality of what was happening started to sink in, that my dream of walking on two legs again was about to come true.

Ricardo A patient in the physical rehabilitation programme run by the ICRC and the Davao Jubilee Foundation (DJF)

The world needs more humanitarians, especially where government functions have almost collapsed because of conflict. We need humanitarians who are kind, compassionate and have a lot of empathy.

PJae Maulana Health delegate

Our services in the Philippines

  • Our activities include livelihood assistance, health care and improving access to clean water.

  • International humanitarian law, also known as the rules of war, seeks to limit the effects of armed conflict.

  • We help address the effects of extreme overcrowding in jails.

  • We provide medical items, technical support and physical rehabilitation.

  • Our Restoring Family Links initiative supports people who have missing family members.

  • We work with the PRC’s wide network of staff and volunteers to help people in vulnerable situations.

Contact us


17th floor, NEX Tower, 6786 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1229, Philippines


+63 2 8892 8901

Community Contact Centre


+63 180018884272

Opening Hours:

8am – 5pm
Monday - Friday

Our work with the Philippine Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is our primary partner in helping people affected by armed conflicts. We work together to provide the basics of life – food, water, shelter and health care – when there are gaps in the overall response. We enhance the PRC’s capacity to respond safely to emergencies through material and technical assistance, and we support their efforts to promote IHL.