China: Special exhibition highlights “Humanity in War”

14 October 2016
China: Special exhibition highlights “Humanity in War”

Beijing (ICRC) – An exhibition on "Humanity in War" organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Red Cross Society of China, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, in collaboration with the Capital Museum is open to the public at the Capital Museum in Beijing, China.

The exhibition, which will run until 30 November 2016, draws attention to the history and the humanitarian action of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement since its establishment 153 years ago, through images, videos and objects. It not only illustrates the development of conflicts and the context of violence, but also the parallel development of the Red Cross humanitarian response and international humanitarian law (IHL).

"It is the first time this exhibition has been held in China. We hope to raise the public's awareness of the action of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and deepen understanding of humanitarian action", said Vincent Ochilet, deputy head of the ICRC's East Asia regional delegation. "The exhibition illustrates how very basic and fundamental are the humanitarian needs of victims of armed conflicts, the tools the ICRC uses and how it operates in the midst of very complex situations and long-lasting effects for individuals, communities and States."

Originally from a partnership between the ICRC, art and history museums of Geneva, the Caen Memorial, and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, the current exhibition at the Capital Museum of Beijing includes a number of Chinese elements in order to connect with the Chinese audience.

Established in 1863, the ICRC is an independent and neutral organization operating in more than 80 countries around the world, mandated to help people affected by conflict and armed violence and promote the laws that protect victims of war. The ICRC's Beijing delegation, opened in 2005, works to promote international humanitarian law, foster support for ICRC activities in the region and worldwide, support National Societies and run physical rehabilitation and livelihood programmes in partnership with National Red Cross Societies.


For further information, please contact:
Valery Mbaoh Nana, ICRC Regional Delegation for East Asia, Beijing, tel: +86 186 0025 3392
Michael Zhang, ICRC Regional Delegation for East Asia, Beijing, tel: +86 10 85323290-301