Colombia: Cease-fire agreement major step towards peace

The ICRC shares the optimism regarding the partial agreement signed today by the Colombian government and FARC-EP, putting a permanent end to hostilities. We also applaud the efforts and the political will that have made this possible. We are confident that this will is going to be maintained, ensuring that the commitments made will actually be fulfilled.

We believe that an end to fighting will facilitate implementation of the humanitarian measures provided for by the peace process. There is an urgent need for concrete results in humanitarian terms.

The need for a tangible change in the living conditions of the victims of the armed conflict is reflected in the ICRC's commitment to carry on working in Colombia for as long as the consequences of the conflict and violence continue.

We underline the need for this agreement to have concrete effects on the lives of communities living in the areas affected by the war.

We continue to be willing to support Colombia in implementing existing measures to help the victims. This willingness will continue if it should be necessary for us to participate in other initiatives aimed at helping the victims of the conflict in Colombia, where armed violence continues to have a devastating effect.

Christoph Harnisch
Head, ICRC delegation in Colombia