Dhaka: Traffic police personnel get trained in first aid

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) organized a series of basic first-aid training sessions for nearly 100 Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) personnel – the first responders to any traffic incident. The sessions, held in February–March 2021, focused on skills that would enable the participants to provide immediate assistance to the injured while helping to prevent injuries from worsening until professional medical assistance is available.

The participants received hands-on training on management of the accident scene, patient handling, basics of wound care, fracture management, resuscitation, etc. Such sessions have the potential to improve police officers' confidence in applying their first-aid skills in real-life scenarios.

Talking about the importance of first aid, the ICRC's head of operations in Bangladesh, David Montes, said, "People who are wounded should receive timely first aid and be shifted, if needed, to the nearest medical facility. We are organizing such capacity-building events for different groups of first responders in Bangladesh, enabling them to protect and save lives through first aid."

Participants with dignitaries from the DMP and the ICRC during the concluding event

Appreciating the ICRC's support, the DMP's Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit chief Monirul Islam said, "I thank the ICRC for providing training to the first responders. They will now be able to give immediate treatment to the injured. I congratulate all the participants and believe that this training will make them more confident. In addition, materials related to first aid provided by the ICRC will help us tend to the injured quicker."

First-aid materials and posters were handed over to the Dhaka Metropolitan Police

A closing ceremony was held in early March at the DMP headquarters. It was attended by dignitaries from the DMP and the ICRC, who awarded certificates to the participants. Also, the ICRC donated first-aid materials and posters to supplement the DMP's existing kits.

The ICRC in Bangladesh has been working with the police since 2006, focusing on creating awareness about international rules and standards for policing. Thus far, we have worked with over 15,000 law enforcement officials.