Egypt Activity Report 2016

Our activities in Egypt in 2016 ranged between cooperating with the Egyptian Red Cresent, assisting those affected by situations of violence within Egypt and in the region and promoting joint initiatives with local healthcare providers and institutions.

Highlights of our work in Egypt in 2016:

  • 1,955 foreign nationals without valid travel documents were resettled in third countries with the help of ICRC-issued travel documents.
  • 109 persons were located and restored contact with their families.
  • 2,945 Palestinians who have fled from Syria to Egypt received vouchers to purchase food and other essential items on a quarterly basis in coordination with the Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC).
  • 1,111 Syrian and Palestinian children from Syria were provided with schooling support in Obour City (Cairo), in cooperation with Syria Al Ghad Foundation.

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