Ethiopia: Addressing the needs of vulnerable communities in 2018

In 2018, the ICRC has continued to address the needs of vulnerable groups and individuals in Ethiopia by partnering with national bodies in order to do so as effectively as possible. We visited thousands of detainees in federal and regional prisons to assess their living conditions and ensure that they are treated humanely.

Our teams worked to reconnect separated families by exchanging Red Cross Messages and providing free phone calls. We are also working to promote equal access to quality and long-term sustainable rehabilitation services to Persons with Physical Disabilities through support to national and regional actors to enable them recover mobility, play an active role in society and live in dignity.

Highlights of our work in Ethiopia between January and June 2018.

 Visited more than 37,000 detainees in 21 federal and regional prisons, and 13 police stations
 Exchanged 2,200 Red Cross Messages between family members separated by conflict/violence
 Completed a solar water supply system in Tigray region benefitting 4,000 people
 Enabled 3,900 people living with disabilities to access physical rehabilitation services
 Provided international humanitarian law training to 240 division and regiment commanding offers


For more information, read the full update of our work in Ethiopia


Ethiopia Facts & Figures - January to June 2018

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