Ethiopia: Putting humanitarian needs first in 2019

Facts & Figures

The ICRC has been present in Ethiopia since the beginning of the 1977 Ethio-Somalia armed conflict. Our work has remained to address the humanitarian needs of the people affected by conflict and violence through an integrated multi-disciplinary response, and reinforced protection dialogue with weapon bearers, visiting places of detention so as to ensure both the treatment and conditions of detainees are matching international standards.

In 2019, the ICRC visited more than 51,000 detainees so as to improve both the conditions of their detention and their treatment. Our teams worked with the Ethiopia Red Cross Society to exchange over 2,100 Red Cross Messages between family members separated by conflict, violence or other humanitarian situations.

Highlights of our work in Ethiopia in 2019

 51,100 detainees were visited in 66 different places of detention
 Provided material assistance including blankets, clothes, hygienic and educational material to 36,800 detainees
 Provided over 108,000 free phone calls to refugees and returnees
 Provided basic medical supplies and emergency kits to 20 primary health care units and 13 hospitals
 Distributed plastic shelters, sleeping mats, blankets, jerry cans, soap, and cooking utensils to over 68,800 displaced people
 Distributed seeds and agricultural tools to 82,100 people affected by ethnic violence
 Enabled 10,400 people living with disabilities to access physical rehabilitation services


For a detailed report of our work in Ethiopia in 2019, please read the complete report.

Ethiopia 2019 Facts & Figures

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