Misinformation about ICRC activities for people affected by conflict in Ukraine

We report and debunk false and misleading information online about us and our work for people affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine.
Article 06 April 2022 Ukraine

We will update this page regularly, as needed.

Sharing false information about the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and our work could have real-world consequences:

● This could put our Red Cross staff, volunteers, and the people we seek to help at risk.
● It could prevent us from being allowed to access areas where people are desperately in need of aid.

Take care before you share. You can help us by reporting false information when you see it on social media or by checking the veracity of questionable information before sharing it with others.

Evacuations of civilians

In early April, we helped the voluntary evacuation of over 1,000 people out of Berdiansk towards Zaporizhzhia, in Ukraine. Most of the people came from Mariupol. We were also part of two safe passages in March out of Sumy to Lubny, Ukraine. Our role has been to make sure people who wanted to leave could do so safely.

We have never taken part in any alleged forced evacuations of civilians into Russia from Mariupol or any other Ukrainian city. The protection of all civilians remains our priority.

We continue to urge parties to protect civilians, wherever they are, and to agree on concrete security guarantees on the ground – to allow those who want to leave and for aid to come in.

Camps in Russia

The ICRC does not participate in the alleged "filtering" of Ukrainians into Russia.
To be clear – we are not managing any refugee or transit camps in Russia. We are only supporting the Russian Red Cross to respond to the humanitarian needs of people who have arrived in Russia.

The ICRC does not currently have an office in Rostov-on-Don.

We remain committed to helping people affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine, wherever they are – in Kyiv, Mariupol, Donetsk or neighbouring countries.

High-level meetings in Ukraine and Russia

Our President met with authorities in Russia in March. He also met with authorities in Ukraine the week beforehand.

Building and maintaining a dialogue with all parties to a conflict is essential to ensuring access to all communities. We do this in every country where we're present, so we can:
● Advocate for the respect for the rules of war.
● Call for the protection of civilians.
● Get the security guarantees for humanitarian assistance to cross frontlines

Right now, people in Ukraine desperately need food, water, and safety. We meet with authorities with their urgent needs in mind.

Safe passage for Mariupol

We have made detailed proposals regarding safe passages for civilians to ease the massive suffering.

We hope to facilitate a safe passage out of Mariupol as soon as possible, provided all parties agree to the exact terms, including the route, the start time, and the duration. Time is running out for those trapped in the city. They've gone for weeks with no aid.

We have never refused a request to set up a safe passage from Mariupol.