Family must be allowed to visit Palestinian hunger striker in critical condition

07 August 2015

Jerusalem – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is very concerned about the deteriorating health of Mohammad Nasreldin Mafadi Allaan, a Palestinian detainee in Israel who has been on a total hunger strike for 50 days. Mr Allaan is currently in a critical condition in hospital.

"We believe that Mr Allaan's life is at immediate risk," said Jacques de Maio, the head of the ICRC's delegation in Israel and the occupied territories. "His family has been unable to visit him since 22 March, and they are very anxious about him. Given the current circumstances, we ask the Israeli authorities to allow them to see him as a matter of urgency."

Under the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, detainees have a right to be visited by their families.

"As regards Mr Allan's hunger strike, any solution must take into account the need to protect his moral and physical integrity. The detainee's choice must be respected and his dignity preserved," said Mr de Maio.

ICRC delegates and medical staff have visited Mr Allaan frequently in recent weeks to monitor both his health and his treatment by prison authorities. The ICRC has been in contact with Mr Allan's family, and exchanged Red Cross Messages and greetings between them.

During their regular visits to detention facilities, ICRC staff seek to ensure that all hunger strikers are fully aware of the implications of going on hunger strike, and that they are acting on their own initiative and of their own free will.

For further information, please contact:

Krista Armstrong, ICRC Jerusalem, tel: +972 52 601 91 50
Nadia Dibsy, ICRC Jerusalem, tel: +972 52 601 91 48