Guatemala: wheelchair basketball players improve their skills in a week-long camp

Adaptive sport plays an important and inclusive role for people with disabilities.Wheelchair basketball players from different parts of Guatemala took part in a week-long camp to improve their skills.
Video 15 August 2019 Guatemala Mexico

After two days of theory, the players worked extremely hard to improve their physical fitness and refine their skills. The training routine consisted of stretching and fitness training, and practising passing, defending and shooting.

The camp culminated in a tournament during which the newly acquired skills of the players, coaches, referees and classifiers were put to the test. It was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala, the National Council of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation, the Guatemalan Olympic Committee, the General Directorate of Physical Education and the Ministry of Education. It is hoped that the camp will be a boost for adaptive sports in Guatemala.