Guide to Law 105 on the Missing and Forcibly Disappeared Persons: Questions and Answers

The promulgation of the Law on the Missing and Forcibly Disappeared Persons (or Law 105) in November 2018 marked a significant milestone for the families, authorities, and Lebanese society.

In light of the importance of Law 105 and in order to bring it closer to the families who have been waiting for decades, the ICRC and the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon have decided to transpose its content in this accessible guide, so it can be easily read and understood.

This guide targets the families of the missing and forcibly disappeared persons, civil society actors, organizations, and the general public and aims at disseminating Law 105/2018 in a direct and accessible manner.

 The guide comprises of two main parts:

1.            The Presentation of the Main Components of Law 105;

2.            The Clarification of the Fate and Whereabouts Process.

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