Horn of Africa faces a new dilemma

The Gulf of Aden has long been one of the world's deadliest places for migrants. Now the conflict in Yemen has reversed traditional migration patterns and created new humanitarian challenges.

Amina and her family decided to flee from Shumaili in Yemen after surviving a harrowing 15 days of shelling earlier this year. "We were used to gunfire sounds," she says, "but it later changed to aerial bombardments coming down like rain. I had nowhere to run, no underground shelter to hide in. We had to flee Yemen for our safety."

Amina is one of thousands of Yemeni people who fled the fighting in Yemen by taking the risky, 260-kilometre journey across the Gulf of Aden to find refuge in Somalia, a country that has itself endured a succession of internal conflicts for two decades and suffers from devastating cyclical drought.

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