Mozambique: Deterioration in humanitarian situation curbs access to health services

  • People have fled to urban areas such as Pemba, Montepuez, and Metuge, putting increased strain on communities and infrastructure, including on already fragile medical services.
    ICRC/ Mariana Alcoforado
  • Mahate health centre can no longer accommodate the increased numbers of incoming patients. As an intermediary solution a tent was installed.
    ICRC/ Alyona Synenko
  • Despite the increased needs, the number of staff remains the same, this means additional working hours due to a significant higher number of consultation. In addition, lack of space makes it extremely difficult to ensure patients’ privacy and carrying out some essential tests.
    ICRC/ Alyona Synenko
  • This year, the ICRC will rehabilitate nine primary health facilities, including Mahate, serving more than 175,400 patients in Pemba alone and also support the hospital in Montepuez and pursue our material support to Decimo Congresso.
    ICRC/ Alyona Synenko
  • In September 2020 ICRC in partnership with other organizations, finalized the rehabilitation of the COVID-19 treatment centre, Decimo Congresso, in Pemba and gave medical equipment, including ventilators, and hygiene items.
    ICRC/ Angel Gonzalez Caballo
23 March 2021

Over 700,000 internally displaced people have fled the upsurge of violence in the northern province of Cabo Delgado since last year. This has contributed to services including medical care being overwhelmed.

ICRC has so far rehabilitated three primary health centres in Pemba City with an improved water supply and sanitation systems. The centres have benefited 75,000 community members, including internally displaced people who have arrived recently.