ICRC deploying additional staff to Gaza

Following the outbreak of hostilities in Gaza two weeks ago, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is increasing the number of field personnel it has there to enhance its response to humanitarian needs.
News release 24 May 2021

Thousands have been rendered homeless and are taking shelter in schools following the destruction of civilian buildings and other infrastructure in the fighting. The additional ICRC staff being deployed will enhance our response in the areas of health and protection, while weapon contamination teams will help prevent exposure of the civilian population to unexploded ordnance and other associated hazards

“While we welcome the ceasefire between both parties, we note that the impact of the conflict on civilians and civilian infrastructure has been devastating, and the huge humanitarian needs created calls for additional ICRC staff to enhance the delivery of humanitarian assistance consistent with the ICRC’s international mandate,” said Sandra Tettamanti, the head of ICRC delegation in Jordan.

“We wish to acknowledge the support of the authorities in Jordan in facilitating the provision of consular services and travel arrangements for additional ICRC staff being deployed via Jordan. The first batch of 15, including a mobile medical team, will transit this week through Amman en route to Gaza and Israel. It is hoped that the deployment of these teams will contribute to improving the material conditions of those affected as well as their psycho-social well-being.” Ms. Tettamanti added.

The ICRC has been present in Jordan since 1967 and continues to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by armed conflict, including refugees hosted in the country and affected populations in the region through its Jordan delegation and its regional Logistic Supply Centre based in Amman.


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