ICRC donates vehicle to Belgrade Delegation to Working Group on the Missing

The ICRC Belgrade Regional Delegation recently donated a vehicle to the Belgrade Delegation to the Working Group (WG) on the Missing in Relation to the Events in Kosovo.

The donation is aimed at strengthening the technical capacities and working conditions of the Belgrade Delegation to the WG in their search for potential gravesites and other field work.

As a neutral intermediary and the Chair of the Working Group, the ICRC in July 2018 launched a five-year plan pertaining to the 10,281 people still missing as a consequence of the armed conflicts in the Western Balkans in the 1990s.

In the last two years, 311 cases of missing people have been solved across the region. In October 2020, the number of missing people in Western Balkans stood at 10,003. Out of the 6,064 people who went missing in relation to the Kosovo conflict, as many as 1,643 are still missing.