Iraq: The ICRC Expands its Humanitarian Operations in Southern Iraq

Iraq: ICRC inaugurates its offices in Nasiriyah in South Iraq

Nasiriyah (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) inaugurates office in Nasiriyah, to provide further support to affected populations on physical rehabilitation, mine risk awareness and emergency preparedness.
News release 25 January 2023 Iraq

The inauguration of this office, along with existing structures in Najaf and Basra governorates, strengthens the organization’s efforts in responding to humanitarian needs and in supporting social integration in southern Iraq.

Local communities continue to face exceptional humanitarian challenges resulting from the long-lasting impact of past conflicts on infrastructure and services, environment degradation and climate change. The ICRC, along with its partner, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS), is committed to supporting vulnerable communities in the south, through various projects and programmes.

People with disabilities are among the most vulnerable members of the community. ICRC aims to strengthen the delivery of services at Nasiriyah’s physical rehabilitation center which was built by the ICRC 11 years ago. In addition, ICRC’s focus is to help persons with disabilities have access to programs that promote their inclusion and reintegration in the society. Furthermore, as part of the multidisciplinary efforts, ICRC helps families implement relevant income generating projects.

The ICRC has launched a nation-wide pilot project on mass casualty management, to boost emergency-preparedness through capacity-development initiatives, in collaboration with local stakeholders. It also aims to intensify mine risk education initiatives, given the heavy contamination of unexploded remnants of war in southern Iraq. “By being closer to communities, our humanitarian assistance is of greater impact and offers more sustainable solutions in the post-conflict recovery process.” said, Mr. Jean-Jérôme Casabianca, ICRC’s head of delegation in Baghdad.

For more information, please contact:

Hiba Adnan (Baghdad): M: +9647901916927

Imene Trabelsi (Beirut) :  M : +961 3 13 83 53

Notes to editors:

ICRC in Iraq:

The ICRC has been working in Iraq since 1980, and its main activities are visiting detainees, restoring family links, and clarifying the fate of the missing persons, as well as disseminating and promoting international humanitarian law among all sectors of Iraqi society. In addition to working to mitigate the effects of climate change and help communities adapt in the long term through the rehabilitation of water treatment plants, drinking water pumps, water networks and irrigation systems. It also provides support to hundreds of affected families by providing cash assistance to help them restore their livelihoods in close cooperation with the Iraqi National Red Crescent Society.


Fact & Figures during 2022:

  • ICRC-supported physical rehabilitation center in Nasiriyah has provided services to 2979 people with disabilities in the south of Iraq.
  • 318 children have received club foot treatment in the Turkish Hospital as part of the continuous support for the clinic.
  • 96 people with physical disabilities received assembled wheelchairs (made to fit individual needs) from Nasiriyah Medical Rehabilitation Center.
  • A total of 510 families affected by climate change in two villages in Thi Qar province received cash assistance from the ICRC.
  • ICRC supported the emergency response for Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever in Thi Qar by providing chemical items, personal protective equipment, and fumigation items to 21 vet clinics in the province. Within weeks of the ICRC-IRCS intervention, zero cases had been reported.
  • 4 training sessions were conducted by the ICRC for first responders exposed to mass casualties of any kind.
  • A total of 21 warning billboards were installed in cooperation with the Civil Defense in the areas concerned with weapon contamination in six southern provinces, as well as 12 GPS devices were donated.