The ICRC has been present in Iraq since 1980, providing assistance to displaced people and vulnerable communities affected by past armed conflicts and other violence.

Children read brochures in an awareness session conducted by the ICRC on explosive remnants of war for displaced people.

Our work in Iraq

As the situation in Iraq has evolved since 2017, and the country focuses on recovery and reconstruction efforts, the ICRC has also been significantly adapting its operations in line with the remaining humanitarian needs in the country. Many of our activities are carried out in cooperation with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society and the relevant authorities.

We mainly focus on vulnerable groups, namely detainees, displaced families, returnees, the missing and people with disabilities. We also stand ready to support the authorities in responding to emergencies arising from any potential new episode of violence in the country.

We visit detainees with the aim of improving their living conditions and restoring contact with their families. We also support the authorities’ efforts to clarify what happened to people missing from earlier conflicts. We help families affected by conflict rebuild their lives by improving their access to clean water and health-care services and improve their economic resilience through a wide range of livelihood support activities. We also spread awareness about risks related to landmines.

The impact of our work - In 2023

consultations were conducted in 27 ICRC-supported primary health care centres.
detainees have better access to health care services.
People benefited from various cash grant programs, Micro Economic Initiatives, and vocational training.
People with disabilities received physical rehabilitation services.
people benefited from sustainable water supply and energy projects.
Red Cross Messages were exchanged between detainees and their relatives.

Our services in Iraq

  • Our Community Contact Centre in Iraq is the first point of contact for communities and families suffering the consequences of armed past conflicts and seeking information on the ICRC’s assistance and work in the country.

    If you have a missing family member or would like to share your feedback regarding our activities, please call the toll-free number:

    800 22222 (Iraq)

Contact us


Al-Salhiya - Al Sikak district - Quarter 220, Street 4, House 6 P.O. Box 3317 Al-’Alwiyah Post Office Baghdad, Iraq

Opening Hours:


Media contact

Hiba Adnan

Community Contact Centre


+964 780 195 32 94

Opening Hours:

8:30 - 15:30
Saturday - Thursday

Our work with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society

The ICRC cooperates with the Iraqi Red Crescent Society to provide humanitarian services within Iraq. This cooperation covers various programmes related to: Safer Access; National Society development; economic security; water, sanitation and hygiene; mobile clinics and helping people improve their health; Health Care in Danger; communication; awareness of explosive remnants of war; and protecting family links. The ICRC and the Iraqi Red Crescent Society also work together to support communities vulnerable to the effects climate change, e.g. by improving access to water, raising awareness, and providing support for livelihoods.