ICRC and Indonesian Armed Forces host workshop on laws of armed conflict for senior military officers from 85 countries

ICRC and Indonesian Armed Forces host workshop on laws of armed conflict for senior military officers from 85 countries

Bali, Indonesia — The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) are hosting the Senior Workshop on International Rules governing Military Operations (SWIRMO), in Bali, Indonesia, from 20 to 26 November 2022.
News release 23 November 2022 Indonesia

The event was opened by Dr Gilles Carbonnier, Vice-President of the ICRC, and the Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces represented by Major General Sonny Aprianto, the Commander of Regional Military Command IX/ Udayana.

For one week, more than 130 senior military officers from around 85 countries will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and views on the application of the law of armed conflict and human rights law in operational contexts as well as the international legal framework applicable to modern military operations. Sessions discussed during SWIRMO cover topics such as warfare in urban settings, partnered military operations and command responsibility.

By bringing together military officers from across the world, SWIRMO aims to showcase not only that the law allows for the use of exceptional powers in conflict, but also that it provides useful guidance for personnel at all levels, in all situations.

ICRC Vice-President Gilles Carbonnier at the opening of SWIRMO in Bali, Indonesia

Today we are witnessing situations of armed conflict and violence that are becoming increasingly complex and protracted with immense humanitarian consequences.

SWIRMO provides a unique platform to promote international humanitarian law and for participants to share good practices for ensuring respect for the law during military operations and minimizing the humanitarian impact of conflict.

- Gilles Carbonnier, ICRC Vice-President

Major General Sonny Aprianto stated, "I am proud for taking part in organizing an international event on humanitarian law. Through SWIRMO that is organized in Bali, Indonesia, hopefully we could inform the world that Indonesia cares and commits to disseminate humanitarian law". Major General Aprianto also added, "In this activity, TNI could participate in showing efforts and results achieved in integrating humanitarian law within the Indonesian Armed Forces, through doctrines, teachings, and trainings implemented gradually and sustainably".

SWIRMO 2022 Opening - group photo
SWIRMO 2022 Opening - group photo ICRC

SWIRMO is an annual event hosted by the ICRC in partnership with a national defense force, and this year is the 15th edition of the event. It is the first time SWIRMO is organized in-person after the COVID-19 pandemic. Previous host countries include Switzerland, France, South Africa, Malaysia, Colombia, China, Algeria, the UAE, and most recently in 2019, Russia.

SWIRMO seeks to ensure that international humanitarian law (IHL or the law of armed conflict) – which is the legal framework that protects those who are not or no longer participating in hostilities, restricts the means and methods of warfare, and the internationally recognized standards and principles governing the use of force in law enforcement operations – is better integrated into military institutions.

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