ICRC leads discussion on the management of scarce water resources during protracted armed conflict

During the event “Water Scarcity: A Challenge to Sustainable Development in the Arab Region” the ICRC will lead the session “The Management of Scarce Water Resources during Protracted Armed Conflict”.

This high-level event will take place as part of the 13th session of the Arab Ministerial Water Council in Cairo on 17 November 2021, with the participation of ministers of water resources from the Arab States. The event provides an opportunity to discuss water scarcity, a topic deeply affecting the region, from both policy and operational perspective. It will also provide a space for interaction among a variety of stakeholders, including governments, water experts, humanitarian and development actors.

Ahead of this meeting the ICRC is publishing a paper with the same title, that serves as a background document for the panel session, which aims to build on the intersection of two topics of great relevance to the Arab region, namely the management of scarce water resources and protracted armed conflicts.

You can download the full paper in pdf.

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