News release

ICRC statement on reports of attack in Olenivka

Geneva (ICRC) - The International Committee of the Red Cross is aware of reports concerning an attack on a facility where prisoners of war (PoWs) were being held, along with other people deprived of their liberty in Olenivka. Our thoughts are with all who have been wounded and the families who are frantically trying to learn whether their loved ones are alive or have been injured or killed.

The ICRC has offered its support in the evacuation of the wounded and to donate medical supplies, protective equipment and forensic material. Our priority right now is making sure that the wounded receive life-saving treatment and that the bodies of those who lost their lives are dealt with in a dignified manner.

We have requested access to determine the health and condition of all the people present on-site at the time of the attack. We are also in contact with families, taking their requests and inquiries.

All prisoners of war, wherever they are held, are protected under international humanitarian law. They are no longer part of the fight and should not be attacked. The ICRC has been able to visit some POWs and other detainees, but it hasn't been granted access to visit them all.

Families who want to reach us can contact us at 0 800 300 155 or +41 22730 3600 (calls are toll-free for KyivStar users). We can also be reached at / with the name of the relative, date of birth and their name and contact details.

Too many families in Ukraine and Russia have spent months with no news of their sons, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, and daughters. Events like today's just add to their agony.

Established in 1863, the ICRC operates worldwide, helping people affected by armed conflict and armed violence and promoting the laws that protect victims of war. A neutral, independent and impartial organization, its mandate stems from the Geneva Conventions of 1949. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and works in more than 100 countries.

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