The ICRC in the UK and Ireland: Meet the team

23 January 2018

The ICRC in the UK and Ireland seeks to build support for its global humanitarian work and to further understanding of humanitarian law.

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Helen Alderson – Head of Regional Delegation 

Helen oversees the ICRC's relationship with the UK Government on humanitarian policy, humanitarian law in armed conflict, and the UK's support of the ICRC in its worldwide operations.

Prior to her London role, Helen was Director of Financial Resources and Logistics on the ICRC's Executive Team in Geneva.


Mark Brailsford – Deputy Head of Delegation

Markus Geisser – Senior Humanitarian Affairs and Policy Advisor


Barbara Jackson – Policy and Public Affairs Adviser


Rachael Cox – Policy and Public Affairs Adviser


Matthew Morris – Spokesperson and Senior Communications Advisor 


Daisy Baldwin - Communications Manager


Thouraya Youssef – Protection Coordinator

Brenda Coughlan – Resource Mobilization Country Manager

Michael Mazliah – Legal Adviser

Koen Van Kooten – Movement Adviser

Timothy French – FAS Delegate

Stephen Donnelly – CBRN Technical Adviser

Patrick Sherry – Head of Finance and Administration

Sophie Da Silva – Recruiter

Anne Molloy – Head of Office, Northern Ireland