The ICRC in the UK and Ireland: Meet the team

23 January 2018

The ICRC in the UK and Ireland seeks to build support for its global humanitarian work and to further understanding of humanitarian law.

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Helen Alderson – Head of Mission

Helen oversees the ICRC's relationship with the UK Government on humanitarian policy, humanitarian law in armed conflict, and the UK's support of the ICRC in its worldwide operations.

Prior to her London role, Helen was Director of Financial Resources and Logistics on the ICRC's Executive Team in Geneva.

Twitter: @HAldersonICRC

Markus Geisser – Senior Humanitarian Affairs and Policy Advisor

Markus is part of the ICRC's global humanitarian policy team. He works on matters relating to the ongoing transformation of aid and how organisations such as the ICRC can respond more effectively to the challenges posed by protracted conflicts across the world.

Markus first joined the ICRC in 1999 and has held numerous positions in the field and at the Geneva headquarters. He joined the London team in 2015.


Sarah Cotton – Humanitarian Affairs Advisor

Sarah engages with a wide range of government representatives on behalf of the ICRC to promote humanitarian concerns and issues. She works to develop and disseminate ICRC policy on sexual violence in conflict, violence against health care, and access to education in conflict.

Sarah has worked for ICRC London since 2010, previously covering communications, public affairs and research.


Barbara Jackson – Humanitarian Affairs Advisor

Barbara engages with a wide range of government representatives on behalf of the ICRC to promote humanitarian concerns and issues.

Before joining the ICRC in 2017, Barbara was a civil servant focused on fragile and conflict-affected states, in particular looking at the role of non-state armed groups.


Matthew Morris – Spokesperson and Senior Communications Advisor

Matthew is responsible for raising public awareness of the ICRC's global activities and managing media relations within the UK and Ireland.

Previously, Matthew was a BBC journalist for nearly 15 years, reporting on news in the UK and overseas.

Twitter: @morrislondon

Sam Smith – Communications Manager

Sam is responsible for creating digital content about the ICRC's work in the UK and its global operations. He also handles UK media requests. 

Previously, Sam worked as a journalist for a number of print, digital and broadcast outlets.

Twitter: @SamSmith68

Patrick Sherry – Head of Finance and HR

Patrick is responsible for the Finance, HR and Administration teams for the ICRC UK & Ireland regional delegation.

Prior to joining the ICRC, Patrick was the Head of Finance & HR for a UK care home organisation and was previously Head of Finance & HR for an international hospital healthcare organisation in the Middle East.


Sophie Da Silva – Recruiter and HR Marketing Officer

Sophie is responsible for designing and delivering the UK HR marketing strategy to reach all potential future ICRC delegates. Additionally, she recruits specialised professions to be deployed for ICRC global field operations.

Prior to joining the ICRC, Sophie was a recruiter in the corporate consulting sector for six years before joining the Red Cross Movement in 2015.


The ICRC in Northern Ireland 

Anne Molloy – Head of Office

Anne works on the ICRC's community based protection project in Northern Ireland, supporting community-based organisations to provide support and mediation services to people threatened with, or affected by, violence in their communities.

Prior to joining the ICRC, Anne worked for NGOs in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that aimed to promote social inclusion, reconciliation and equality within marginalised communities.


Joanna Wronka – Programme Officer

As well as working on the ICRC's community-based protection project in Northern Ireland, Joanna is also the focal point for the ICRC's work with the British Red Cross.

Before joining the ICRC, Joanna worked for a number of funding bodies and NGOs in Northern Ireland gaining experience in devising and implementing community relations and community development programmes.