India: International Conference on the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons

The Indian Society of International Law (ISIL) and the Regional Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in New Delhi will be co-hosting an International Conference on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) in New Delhi from 5 to 6 December 2017.

The conference forms part of the ICRC and ISIL's sustained efforts towards the faithful implementation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL). It will bring together over 50 government representatives from 22 countries across the wider Asia, Gulf and East African regions, as well as experts from a number of international and regional organisations to discuss weapons regulated under the CCW and those currently on the CCW agenda.

According to Christine Beerli, the Vice-President of the ICRC, who will be attending the conference: "India plays such an important role in helping to set global norms and is an acknowledged leading social innovator. India has also been supporting countries facing humanitarian challenges and has consistently remained one of the largest troop contributing countries to UN peace operations. This conference is therefore a reaffirmation of the ICRC's long term commitment and continuing work in India."

In the words of Dr. EMS Natchiappan, the President of ISIL: "We at ISIL are eagerly looking forward to the outcome of this important deliberation attended by senior government officials on strengthening the implementation of the CCW. ISIL has been playing a crucial role in the development of international law and in establishing and seeking partnerships with various international bodies for world peace and development."

The CCW plays a central role in IHL by seeking to limit the effects of weapons used in armed conflict, and establishes a framework to deal with the post-conflict impact of unexploded and abandoned ordinance. The goal of the conference is to further understand the scope and contents of this important treaty and to facilitate increased adherence to the CCW, enhance its implementation and further the engagement by States in future CCW meetings.

About the ICRC in India

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an independent and non-political organisation with a large scope of activities which it undertakes through its presence in most countries. Its existence and activities are universally recognised and it regularly responds to the needs of people adversely affected by situations of humanitarian concern, in particular armed conflict and violence.

ISIL: The Indian Society of International Law (ISIL) was founded in 1959 with the objective to "foster nation-wide the study and development of International Law and to encourage the comparative study of the application of International Law in other States". The ISIL has been publishing the Indian Journal of International Law since its inception, which has attained a high standard and is held in high esteem the world over. The ISIL has also a good library, which is used by scholars from all over India. It organizes annual conferences and seminars, training programme for government officers on international issues of contemporary interest. Finally, and equally important, it conducts and promotes independent research on issues of International Law. The teaching wing of the ISIL- the Indian Academy of International Law & Diplomacy, runs post-graduate diploma courses in various branches of international law.

For more information please contact Deepti Soni, Head of Communications, ICRC on or mobile +91-9810312913 and Vinai Kumar Singh, Director ISIL on or mobile +91-9810580179.