Helping people fleeing the fighting in Iraq

Fighting in the north of Iraq (Kirkuk, Ninawa and Khanakin governorates) has forced thousands of people to flee in search of safety and shelter. Their living conditions are extremely difficult. They need water, food and access to health care.

In this interview, the deputy head of our office in Kirkuk, Ihcene Kiamouche, discusses the humanitarian situation in northern Iraq.

 The ICRC is among the few organizations that has a physical presence in Nineveh and is able to work in areas close to the front lines around the city of Mosul.

In 2015, we helped people affected by conflict in Kirkuk, Khanaquin and Nineveh by:

providing safe water to 1.35 million people by building and repairing water supply systems;

 distributing food, hygiene articles, cooking equipment and blankets to 450,000 displaced people;

ensuring health care for 520,000 people by supporting health facilities;


 providing economic support for 77,500 people by helping them grow crops, buy essential goods or start small businesses.

Map of Iraq - Kirkuk, Ninawa and Khanakin governorates

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