The newly-renovated JRCS Hospital (Photo credit: Monther Al Humaidi)

Jordan: newly-opened JRCS hospital will care for everyone including COVID-19 patients

The newly-renovated 130-bed hospital belonging to the Jordan Red Crescent Society (JRCS) was commissioned recently by the President of the Jordanian Senate, HE Faisal Al Fayez. President of the JRCS, HE Dr. Mohammed Alhadid speaks about the origin of the JRCS health programme, the services provided and the ambitions of the JRCS in this sector for the nearest future. Below is an account of H.E. Dr. Mohammad Al Hadid, the president of JRCS
Article 25 March 2021 Jordan

This hospital has therefore served and will continue to serve every Jordanian or refugee who needs assistance and give them the best possible care.

When my predecessors started this hospital, it was actually a health post on top of a hill that provided first aid to those who were in need. It subsequently underwent many phases of development in a conscious attempt by the JRCS to attempt to fill existing gaps and has today become a well-equipped hospital. It will be recalled that in those early days of the hospital, health facilities in the country were not as many as they are today. There is now a high demand for health services and some competition in the provision of these services. However, in the Red Cross and Red Crescent, we do not compete with anyone, but we serve humanity by offering the best service to any patient who walks in through the door. This hospital has therefore served and will continue to serve every Jordanian or refugee who needs assistance and give them the best possible care.

HE Dr. Mohammed Al Hadid, President of the JRCS (Photo credit: Shohreh Naghchbandi)

Now, over the years and due to its age, the hospital required renovation and so it was closed for this to take place. That being completed, we now have a modern facility soon to be staffed by competent and skilled staff who believe in our mission and can take adequate and professional care of any patient consistent with our principles and ideals.

We have two new departments—a COVID 19 section with 30 beds that will care for everyone including those over 60 years; an Outpatient Clinic that will manage all specialties and afford patients the opportunity to walk in and see an expert. I know that when we talk of experts, the issue of remuneration will come in but let me state that we will strike a balance in what we pay, emphasizing the fact that any staff who wishes to work with us must share the core values of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and give their best as well. 

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement came to partner with us on this project. The ICRC, Qatari Red Crescent and the IFRC earn our gratitude. The ICRC donated equipment for the Emergency Room, ICU and the Laboratory. These are all new and the best equipment you can find anywhere to ensure that we keep up with advances in technology because the medical sector has become a beneficiary of technology too and everybody is going digital. We will ensure that all staff are trained on how to best utilize the equipment to carry out their duties in the best manner possible. This is the only way we can leave our footprints in the community and in the hearts of those who need our support.

The ICU Unit donated by the ICRC (Photo credit: Shohreh Naghchbandi)

Our vision for the future is essentially to ensure that our services are in line with whatever is obtainable in any advanced medical sector and we will be there for as long as we’re needed. We were needed in March 2020 when COVID 19 was first recorded in Jordan and our volunteers went door-to-door distributing medication to those suffering from chronic diseases. The National Diabetic Centre, our partners, confirmed that we reached 11’000 patients. Imagine the immense work we did during the lockdown, with volunteers traversing everywhere to give each person their medication. I mention this to emphasize the need for us to make sure that we’re there whenever needed, and we can be relied upon to do just that.”

Speaking on the support provided by the ICRC towards the renovation of the JRCS Hospital, Sandra Tettamanti, Head of the ICRC Delegation in Jordan said “it feels valuable to be able to contribute to the COVID 19 response through our Red Crescent partner in Jordan.”