Libya: concerns over rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation

29 August 2018

Tripoli (ICRC) – Tensions that started earlier this week have turned into armed confrontations in parts of Tripoli, in western Libya. An unknown number of people have reportedly been killed, and dozens of people injured, including civilians, are making their way to health facilities.

"The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is concerned about the rapidly deteriorating situation in Tripoli," said the ICRC's head of the delegation for Libya, Karl Mattli. "We have teams on the ground to assess the needs and provide the necessary support. Assisting health facilities that are treating the injured is currently our top priority."

The ICRC is in contact with all groups involved in the clashes to facilitate the delivery of its humanitarian assistance. The ICRC has donated four war-wounded kits containing enough medical material to treat 200 casualties to major hospitals in Tripoli. It also supported Libyan Red Crescent first-aid responders with dressing material and first-aid kits, enough to help stabilize over 80 injuries varying from medium to severe.

"We will continue to follow the situation very closely in order to have a better understanding of the humanitarian needs and respond accordingly," Mattli added.

In the meantime, the ICRC urges all those bearing weapons to spare civilian lives and property, and to facilitate safe access to Red Cross and Red Crescent aid staff and volunteers who are bringing life-saving assistance.

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