New report highlights unique strengths of Red Cross Movement

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement's unique combination of local, national and international responses is vital in conflict-affected communities, a new report concludes.

'The case for complementarity', launched today by the British Red Cross, explains how a mix of local and national understanding, complemented by an international response when needed, is the most effective way of helping people.

Markus Geisser, senior humanitarian affairs & policy advisor at ICRC UK, said: "Local networks enable access to those affected by conflict in the most remote places. Red Cross staff from and within the community can be well placed to affect change.

"In addition, the trusted reputation of international actors, impartial, neutral and often trusted by both sides in conflict, can open up dialogue with states, armed groups and other stake-holders like no others can.

"Both approaches work. And in fact they're stronger when put together in a coordinated and strategic response, bringing change for people on the ground whose lives are marred by violence."

Find out more about the launch of the report here.