Nigeria: Infographics for Operational Facts & Figures 2020

15 March 2021
Nigeria: Infographics for Operational Facts & Figures 2020

We introduce the infographics for our 2020 operational facts and figure with remarks from our immediate past Head of Delegation (December 2016- January 2021), Eloi Fillion: 

"As the Head of Delegation of the ICRC in Nigeria during the past four years, I have witnessed a myriad of events that posed the toughest of challenges including the ongoing armed conflict in the North-East and its humanitarian consequences; the increasingly complex nuances of insecurity in the North-West, North Central and South-South parts of Nigeria; and the surge of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with its undeniable impact on the socio-economic, political and psychological fabric of our society.

Through it all, what has stood out is the incredible resilience of the human heart. From members of the affected communities who struggle to find coping mechanisms to continue living their lives, to the volunteers and humanitarian colleagues working in the field, resilience underlines every response and activity. While the humanitarian landscape will most likely continue to face these difficulties, I am quite certain that this strength will provide the adaptability and fluidity for everyone involved to show up and give their best towards creating an environment for a dignified living."

Download the infographics that highlight the major assistance we provided to people in Nigeria in 2020.