Oman: Online workshop on humanitarian frontline negotiation

Oman: Online workshop on humanitarian frontline negotiation

Online- Peer Workshop on Humanitarian Frontline Negotiation for Oman Charitable Organization (OCO), Oman Charities, the International Federation of Red Cross and Crescent (IFRC) and Red Crescent National Societies of the Gulf Countries
News release 08 April 2021 Kuwait

Oman 6-8 April 2021, Online Peer Workshop on Humanitarian Negotiation: the first gathering humanitarian actors of the GCC countries around the thematic of Humanitarian Negotiations.  

 Under the COVID 19 pandemic, the three-day peer workshop was delivered online,  broadcasted from the CCHN studio in Geneva, and was facilitated by ICRC Mission in Oman, the Oman Charitable Organization (OCO), and the IFRC. The workshop gathered more than 20 humanitarian actors and aimed at strengthening further the negotiation capacities of Omani charities and Red Crescent National Societies of the GCC countries.

During three days, plenary sessions and exercises in small groups offered a valuable platform for knowledge development and exchange on best practices.

 Dr. Fawzi Amin the IFRC Head of Delegation for the GCC Countries-Cluster Office- United Arab Emirates- Dubai, mentioned in his opening speech: “We aim to reach an overall purpose of humanitarian negotiations to ensure the impartial protection of civilians affected by armed conflict and other people rendered hors de combat, as stipulated by international humanitarian law, human rights law, and refugee law.”

 Mrs. Jamila Hammami Head of Mission- ICRC Oman added that “the workshop was a great chance in bringing together humanitarian and charitable organizations, such as the Red Crescent National societies from the Gulf countries, and Oman Charitable Organization and charitable organizations to exchange on professional humanitarian practices. Peers exchanges and knowledge sharing aimed as well to empower practices in applying CCHN tools on humanitarian negotiations”.

 The Oman Charitable Organization, represented by Mr. Mohammed Al Moqbali, OCO-Deputy Head of Relief Department,   praised all the efforts done by CCHN, International Committee of the Red Cross, and International Federation for the Red Cross and the Red Crescent in organizing this event, despite the challenging circumstances.   

The experience further strengthened the relationship between the CCHN/ICRC and Omani charities, Red Crescent and IFRC in a view to establishing a long-term partnership.