Pakistan: ICRC-NPA develop curriculum on international standards of policing under IHRL and IHL

Pakistan: ICRC-NPA develop curriculum on international standards of policing under IHRL and IHL

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in close partnership with the National Police Academy (NPA) in Islamabad, has developed a specialized curriculum on international standards of policing under international human rights law (IHRL) and international humanitarian law (IHL) for senior law enforcement officers. The new curriculum bridges the knowledge gaps in existing training programmes on the subject.
Article 21 April 2022 Pakistan

The first training session following the new curriculum was held on 21–23 February with sessions being led by legal advisers, senior police officers and ICRC consultants. Participants included law enforcement agencies from across the country comprising anti-terrorism forces, anti-corruption and anti-narcotics units, the Federal Investigation Agency, and police and paramilitary forces. Participants shared that the content was relevant to their respective areas of operation and appreciated the efforts of the ICRC and the NPA in putting together a comprehensive learning experience.

"Senior officers are the ones in charge of the decision-making process and are key to bringing about behavioural change among law enforcers," said Karin Yuki Lopez, head of the ICRC's police and gendarmerie (PGE) unit in Islamabad. Based on this understanding, the curriculum addresses issues particular to operational contexts and encourages critical thinking among law enforcement leadership.

The curriculum will be further improved based on feedback from the participants as well as the NPA. While the immediate impact of the course is already visible as diverse groups of law enforcement officers are nominated for it by their respective departments, the long-term aim is for the NPA to take complete ownership of the curriculum and related activities. The ICRC will move to a supervisory role, providing legal and operational advice to the NPA.

The ICRC works with law enforcement agencies in over 100 countries with the aim of translating IHRL and IHL into applicable good practice that is suited to distinct contexts. We do this by working closely with state authorities, law enforcement officers and training academies to encourage them to abide by international standards in law enforcement operations and ensure the protection of civilian populations, judicial guarantees, ethical policing practices and clarification of the law.