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Philippines: Emergency relief for typhoon survivors as clean-up begins

In the days after Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby) hit central Philippines, the ICRC sent several teams into the area to assess the damage. They found some infrastructure and livelihoods damaged across the entire province of Samar.

Clean-up operation begins

Houses built with light materials were destroyed and some health facilities were partially damaged. Hospitals are fully functional, but public services (electricity, water and basic health care) have been disrupted. It will take a few weeks for the clean-up operation to be completed and electricity to be fully restored.

The livelihoods of these communities, which rely on agriculture for survival, will be disrupted as coconut trees have been brought down and newly planted rice seedlings ruined.

Emergency relief

The ICRC and the Philippine Red Cross will launch an emergency relief operation to support the communities worst affected by Typhoon Hagupit in Samar.

Emergency health kits have been dispatched to health facilities and a basic health care unit has been set up in Dolores (Eastern Samar) to support local health-care facilities while resume normal service.

150 tonnes of food (rice and sardines mainly) will be given to the Philippine Red Cross for distribution to affected families.

15,000 water purification tablets will also be donated to the Department of Health in support of ongoing government efforts.

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