'Reframed': portraits of dignity and resilience in Sudan

Living in the midst of the consequences of the armed conflict and other situations of violence in Sudan has been a constant for decades, which has made this suffering almost forgotten by the rest of the world.
Article 23 May 2022 Sudan

This does not mean that people in the country got used to living in this situation, nor have they stopped going through complex moments that affect their daily lives amid several humanitarian consequences such as internal displacements, sexual violence, family separation, disability, and one of the worst cases of food security in the world, added to the scarcity of water and poor harvesting.

Additionally, Sudan hosts millions of refugees from neighboring countries, which adds pressure to the already challenging situation in the country.

'Reframed' is a photographic exhibition with 35 images of people who live in areas affected by the armed conflict and other situations of violence, seen not just as victims, but in their essence as dignified human beings who have a place in society. Here you will find 10 of them. 

We thank the people who have allowed us to show their faces and how they try to have a better life.